Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 6 of 30

Early start this morning. I had to be in Newark for 10am. Bit nervous too, why?? I was having a web clip recorded for my page on the SAA web site. Never been in front of camera before, yes, I can do this.
I met the other three PAs (Professional Associates). They were lovely and we were all very supportive of each other. I then found, to my horror, that I hadn't received a rather important letter that detailed what we were doing that day. I had assumed that I would just paint for about 1/2 an hour and it would be edited into a 10 minute clip.....wrong!!! We were first to talk to camera about ourselves, eek, then we had just 10 minutes to do our painting/tip to camera. double eek!!!
I'd taken a 14" x 18" canvas board to paint on. I couldn't paint a picture on that in 10 minutes.
I asked a techie chap if he could cut my board down to 10" X 12" for me. I premixed my paints too, that'd save time.

I was to go first. Goodness, what a twit I felt, chatting and smiling at a camera. I managed the chatty bit in two takes, dread to think what I came out with. Everyone else had theirs written out and rehearsed. Then the painting, well, that was ok, but I knew I had to work pdq. After what seemed like three minutes I was told there were only two left to go. I quickly painted over what was going to be the pier and dashed in a couple of figures as that was one of the things I'd planned to talk about. Then, it was over.........and breathe.

I suppose after that rant I'd better post the painting.

Cromer Beach. Painted in 10 minutes

Don't think after today's experience I'll look for a career as a TV presenter


  1. Now this is nice. It has all kinds of atmosphere happening. I like it.

  2. What a super painting in such a short time... a real professional then!! Must have been quite daunting to turn up and have the plans all different to what you had expected but looks lie everything turned out ok in the end!!

  3. Well done you! Fab atmospheric painting - can't believe it was 10 miins - you have a calm mind, a great eye and a steady hand!
    And loving the 30 day challenge

  4. I love the composition, color, and simplicity of this piece! You really paint with emotion. Great job!

  5. It's lovely...
    Where and when will we get to see the video?

  6. Fabulous painting, I am so envious of your talent!

  7. Wow! What an amazing painting for just 10 minutes - and when under such terrifying pressure! Love it!


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